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Karga, is a band formed by Emre Peynircioglu. Emre created the band for the idea of using his musical compositions in a group.In october 2007 Emre and Lyricist Arda Can Ozdemir have decided to use Karga name for the band.

Band's target is to become something more than a music group. Their mission is using multiple forms of art in their works.

First step is writing a musical composition without lyrics by a story/theme (by Emre). Without knowing what is the story/theme Arda Can writes the words that goes through the parallel way with the musical composition. After this they are using illusturations for fulfilling the conceptual circle.

In March 2008 band recorded "Inside", after that vocalist Aydin joined the band. They are now working on a power metal themed anthem "The Crow".

On November 2008, guitarist Mahmut Ugur Nas has been added the bands line-up as lead-guitarist.

Origin : Istanbul, Turkey
Genre : Heavy Metal

Line Up :

Music: Emre Peynircioglu
Vocal: —-
Lead Guitar: Mahmut Uğur Nas
Rhythm Guitar: Erkin Soylu
Bass Guitar: Etem Peynircioğlu
Keyboard: Emre Peynircioğlu
Drums: Emre Peynircioğlu
Librettist: Arda Can Özdemir
Art & Design: Tuğkan Türkkan
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